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Lyric HG 20ft (right to straight neutrik plugs)

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Evidence audio cables are the worlds best performing audio signal cable, for clarity and tones, you will be amazed by the quality. These are the top of the spectrum of products in sound.

LyricHG is a professional guitar lead with precision clarity.
It will improve your guitar playing due to its precise tones.
All frequencies are covered from low's to highs.
You will notice a 5% increase in your amps tones.
Try it!

High-grade IGL™ Copper conductors

Copper is a wonderful conducting material, yet not all copper sounds the same.

High purity copper used in audio cables range in level from 'tough-pitch' to '7N.' These types of copper vary in the number of impurities as a percentage of copper, as well as the number of copper grains per foot.

A 20-foot guitar cable using typical high purity copper (tough pitch) will have approximately 30,000 grain boundaries. Impurities such as sulfur, iron and gold collect between these grains of copper. As the signal crosses these grain boundaries, the effect on the sound at your ear is an additional 'bite' or 'edge' in the mid-to-high frequency range.

At the other end of the spectrum is '7N' copper, which stands for having seven nines in purity value, i.e. being 99.99999% pure. This copper has far fewer grain boundaries and certainly fewer impurities between those grains, and you can hear the benefit of this fact. Distortions caused by the audio signal passing grain boundaries are irritating and mask subtleties such as the harmonics of your tone. It takes serious equipment to refine copper to such levels of purity. Sumitomo™, Dowa™and Nippon Mining™ in Japan are among the few companies in the world with such equipment. Given that there is no market for such material outside of specialty audio and video cable products, the costs for such material is very high.

Between the commonly found high purity copper and the good-but-pricey stuff, lies a range of copper for a cable designer to choose from. The coppers available range is in terms grains per foot, purity level, price and of course sound quality. Years of listening tests have led us to work with a particular copper (with approximately 400 grains per foot for those counting) that sounds close to 7N copper in terms of dynamics and clarity, yet costs far less.

A note on silver: Silver is a wonderful conductor, but subjective differences in the silver available to cable manufacturers are often greater than the differences between copper. Solid silver conductors can be virtually transparent, but listen closely as poorly drawn silver can sound worse than bad copper.

One material to listen to, that will give a great education on the effect of materials on sound, is silver-plated copper. The discontinuity between the copper and silver, as well as the impurities that collect between these layers, are exactly where high frequencies are carried with great density. The effect is one that will have you reaching for ear plugs after short use -- or make you wish you played Bass instead

Lyric HG
20ftright to straight- nickle neutrik plugs

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