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New Meteoro radded pick up effect.

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This little pedal is ideal for the professional musician.
This is a booster effects with a switchable HUMBUCKER SINGLE COIL simulation, it can simulate between single or humbucker pickups
IE: single coil to humbucker simulation/ vise versa

Main features:
- Input Sensitivity: 100mV (High impedance)
- Check that switches Simulation SINGLE COIL or HUMBUCKER
- Consumption: Less than 1W
- Power supply : battery 9vdc
- Made of aluminum plate and
- Weight: 1.4 Kg
- Dimensions: 150 x 80 x 110mm

simulationsingle or humbucker coil pickups

Meteoro Radded Pickup - Manual

Front panel

01.Led (By Pass) - It indicates when the pedal is bypassed (Without effect); 02.By Pass - foot switchKey , bypassing effectsof the pedal;
03.Led (True Resonance) - It indicates when the pedal is acting in the way True Resonance (Sound of the guitar with boost without modifying the original timbre);
04.True Resonance- switch that sets in motion the way True alternating Resonance or with the Single/Humbucker ways (Single/Humbucker Key);
05.Gain (6db to 25db) - Control that regulates the Boost of the pedal. It regulates the profit of 6db to 25db;
06.Led (Single Coil Vintage) - It indicates when the pedal is acting in the way Single Coil (Simulates the sound of a guitar with captation of simple bobbin. Example: Strato guitar);
07.Led (Humbucker High Output) - It indicates when the pedal is acting in the way Humbucker High Output (Simulates the sound of a guitar with captation of double bobbin. Example: Guitar Les Paul);
08.Single Coil/Humbucker High Output- Key that selects the way Single Coil or Humbucker.

Rear panel
09.Power Supply Ac - connection of source 12AC supply;
10.Output- Exit of the pedal;.
11.Input - Entered/connection for guitar with impedance of 100mv. Inferior part 12.9v-Compartment for battery use 9v (Battery not included).

Binding the Radded Pickup Beyond functioning with source, the Doctor Metal can be used with a battery of 9 volts. To use it with battery, remove the cover in the rear of the pedal and connects a 9 battery of volts (Battery not inclusa). “ The pedal alone functions when the handle will be connected in this entrance. The correct one is to use the Radded Pickup before the pedals (pedaleiras in general), it will act as a true Booster, if to use it the pedals after (Pedaleiras in general), will act as a volume pedal adjusted daily pay, that is, the Radded will answer with volume.

The sound is saturating It has adjusted the Gain (It can be saturating in the entrance of the amplifier or Mixer). In case that it does not decide, it attenuates the Gain; It verifies if it is using the correct connection;

Specifications Techniques
- Sensitivity of entrance: 100mV (High impedance)
- Control of Profit of 6 the 25 dB
- Control that commutes simulation SINGLE COIL or HUMBUCKER
- Consumption: minor 1W
- Source of feeding (Enclosed): 120/240 V (Exit 12Vac X 0,3A)
- Dimensions: 150 x 80 x 110mm - Weight: 1,4Kg