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New MSD 15 blues Harp amp - valve 15 watt.

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Tube amp 15 Watt RMS, 1x10 'speaker, 2x EL84 + 2x 12AX7

Creates the specific blues harmonica tube sound,
Volume, Tone, Reverb, Effects: Spring Reverb

One of the best known blues harp amps from Brazil. It produces exactly the sound, which is most of today's blues harp players want. This amplifier is also very good for button accordion and is also used by famous players.

- Connectors: Input
- Effects: Spring Reverb
- Size: 350x375x225 mm
- Weight: 11.2 kg
- Power Section: 2x EL84
- Pre-amp Section: 2x 12AX7 - Controls: volume, tone & Reverb

15 wattall tube

Users guide
Meteoro MSD15 Harp Blues Amp 15

User´s Guide
Harp Blues Amp MSD 15

Congratulations on your purchase of the Meteoro Harp Blues Amp 15 amplifier. Sergio Duarte is a renown blues player from São Paulo – Brazil. In another partnership with our endorsers we developed a line of Tube Amplifiers for Harp having in mind the tones desired by most of today blues harmonica lovers!

Warning !!
- Please read this instruction manual carefully before switching on.
- To help to prolong valve and amplifier life is after turning off at the end of a gig, let your amp cool down before moving it and certainly before putting into the back of the truck on a cold night.
- Do not attempt to remove amplifier chassis, there are no serviceable parts.
- Never use an amplifier in damp or wet conditions.
- Always unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time.
- Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles and at the point exit from the apparatus.
- Is recommended that audio cables used to connect to your amplifier are of a high quality screened type. These should not exceed 10 metres in lenght.
- Use a damp cloth to wipe the controls on the front & rear chassis panels and all the amplifier.

Front and Rear Panel Controls
Front Panel –(from the left to the right)
01 – Power – This power switch is to be utilized as the master on/off switch .When the amp is turned on, the the power led will iluminate as your on indication.

02 – Power Led – this led will iluminate when the amp is on.
03 – Reverb Control– this control will vary the inbuilt spring reverb from a smooth to deep.
04 – Tone Control – this control will vary the EQ settings from Low to High.
05 – VolumeControl– This control sets the amount of signal generated by preamp out into the power amp section.
06 – Harp Mic Input - A standard 1/4' input jack feeds. To connect your bullet microphone use a professional quality cord no longer than 10 metres.
Rear Panel - (from the left to the right)
07 – Force – This is the AC power cord.
08– Fuse – The fuse protect your amplifier with the incoming electric power, enabling it to operate.

Important :For use with MSD15 we recomend specifics Harp “Bullet” type Microphones. Some examples of Bullet Mics : Green Bullet Shure , JC-30, Hohner Blues Blaster, etc.

Some MSD15 Settings
Volume Tone Reverb
5 4 3

Volume Tone Reverb
8 7 4

Technical Specs –MSD15
Power: 15 watts
Power Section: 2 X EL 84
Pre-amp Section: 2X12AX7
Speaker: 1X 10”
Spring Reverb
Controls: Volume, Tone & Reverb
Dimensions: 14” X 15” X 9”
Weight: 25 pounds