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New Classictone 4x10' Combo 40 Watt

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This model is no longer made, but is sought after, available as 4x10 speaker combo or 2x12 speaker combo, The Classictone is a unique 2-channel amplifier which combines authentic tube tone with nowadays versatility through the five foot-switchable features: Channels, Vibrato, Fx-loop, Reverb and Solo/Rhythm. The electronic circuit is basically uncompromised all-tube without effects-loop or master volume, thus guaranteeing a tone which is rich, full, incredibly open and dynamic. Both the effects loop and the master (rhythm) volume control are present, but their complete circuits are by-passable with a relays controlled by the footswitch..

The power amp is equipped with a tube rectifier simulation circuitry and delivers 40 soft-clipping Watts. The Clean channel is beautifully warm with a natural clearness and openness. The Overdrive channel features medium gain and an incredibly lively and juicy distortion.

The Vibrato effect is authentic beating all external simulations. The Reverb effect is created with a classic long 2-spring Accutronics reverb unit.
The 10 inch loudspeakers are designed by us and custom built by the Jensen factory. They have Alnico magnets guaranteeing a beautifully rich and sweet tone.

ACA approval
Two1x Clean 1x Overdrive
cm62w x 73h x 28d
Foot switchable
Channels FeaturesSolo/+ Rhythm, FX loop, Vibrator, Reverb
Two1x Passive 1x Active
Power amp
Tubes2x EL34/6L6/6550
Pre amp
Tubes4x 12ax7a/12ax7wa
Koch vintage4x 25watt, 16ohm/10 inch (VG16-25)Koch/Jensen
12 months amp3 months tubes