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New Pedaltone all Valve Pre-amp

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Introducing The Pedaltone guitar pre-amplifier, a Semi 4-channel foot-operated floor unit, it comes equipped with four 12AX7 pre-amp tubes and has many of the same features found on our other amplifier products.

It guarantee’s the Koch sound, but also adds unique new sounds that no other pre-amp can produce, either plugged direct into the power amp section of any amp or plugged into it's guitar input.
A great original idea is the built-in 0.5 Watt single ended tube power amplifier, Dolf Koch has spoilt us.

This means you can achieve real tube amp tones into any stand alone power amp such as rack mounted power amps, unlike other manufactures that try to simulate valve tones, this is the real thing. This idea will be copied by other’s, guaranteed.

The Pedaltone will enable you to reach new levels of thick, fat, rich and saturated distortion, creating a sound only found on powerful tube amplifiers.

Four Semi channels: Clean, Clean + Enhanced, Overdrive, Overdrive + Boost and the superb 0.5 watt Power amp with separate drive & volume controls.

The Clean channel is what you would expect of Koch amplifiers, very clean indeed.

The Clean + Enhanced provides a choice between a thick clean tone and an ultra funky rhythm sound.

The Overdrive lead channel is really gutsy and great, with the boost function switched on, this distortion channel will provide either a punchy crunch or the extreme high-gain you love. Combine all these channels with the 0.5 watt power amp and the sky’s the limit.

The Recording output allows you to send your tube sound to any full-range sound system: studio mixing console, PA, or hard disk recording system, In combination with the built-in speaker simulation it will guarantee a faithful reproduction of your stage sound.

The Pedaltone effects loop combines with any stomp box or effects units, allowing you to create your own unique sound, the headphones output will enable you to play without the need of an power amp.

The Pedaltone is built like a tank with a marine grade stainless steel housing, extremely easy to use, has easy access to the tubes for replacement and has a comprehensive control layout.
It's five outputs guarantee connectivity to any input available.

ACA approval
Carry bag
FeatureControls up to 8 semi channels
Like a tankSolid marine grade stain-less steel
cm31w x 23.5d x 8.5h
FX loops1 X Serial
input - outputFully Buffered, DC Coupled
optionsTo Power Amp (0dBm) To Fx Return (-10dBm) To Clean Channel of Amps Input (-20dBm, filtered) To
Mains adaptor12v ac-1500ma
Power Amp
FeatureSingle ended 0.5watt true power amp. Separate volume & drive controls. Works on all channels.
pre-amp1 x 12AX7WA/7025 3x 12AX7A/ECC83

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