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New Meteoro Classic Deluxe V6 15 Watt 'Class A'

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Classic Deluxe V6, 15 watt class 'A', guitar all valve amp.
The Classic Deluxe line has become accessible to the quality of tube amps Meteoro. It outlines three options that vary in terms of power and resources, but does not fail to meet the most demanding musicians, regardless of their styles. There are three models: V6 - 15 Watts, V8 - V12 and 25 watts - 50 watts. Remember, these yield much more Watts for being a tube amp that brings out the harmonics.

Main features:

- Power: 15 watts RMS
- 1 Input / Connection to guitar with a sensitivity of 100mV
(High Impedance)
- Pre tube amp (2 x 12AX7) Power and Valve (2x EL84)
- 1 Speaker 10 '
- Spring Reverb
- Controls- Volume, Tone e Reverb - Volume, Tone and Reverb
- Weight: 8.25 kg
- Dimensions: 354x379x223 mm