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Stout's Back Saver Grip

Stouts back saver grip

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Stout's Back saver Grip handle is a carry handle which can help reduce back strain when using garden tools such as shovels, racks, etc. It can be used by trades, such as a handle support when roller painting a wall, or for fishing rods, or for a pool cleaning handle support or what ever you can think of. It can be adapted to any tool that has handle up to 32mm round dia.
Available in yellow, black or green colours.

no warranty-consumable item

Mounting Instructions
Stout’s BackSaver Grip®
Remove the small parts bag from this cardboard hanger
Hold the tool as in normal use and note where your lower hand is positioned. Open the bottom of the Grip so it clamps loosely onto the tool handle.

For lifting tools such as shovels or pitch forks, start by positioning the Grip one to two inches higher than where your hand normally would be without the Grip.

For pulling and pushing tools, such as rakes, hoes, snow pushers and push brooms, start by positioning the Grip two to four inches higher than where your hand would normally be without the Grip.

Now hold the tool and the Grip as you would to use it, to see how your Grip
location feels. You should be standing much straighter than usual, with little
or no bending over, when using a tool with the BackSaver Grip.

Lay the tool on a table, the ground or other flat surface to make it easy to tighten the screws. Insert the screws into the Grip and tighten lightly, using the starlock nuts, so that the Grip is attached but still able to slide up and down.

Hold the tool as you would to use it and re-check the position of the grip. Slide the Grip up and down, if necessary, to find your most comfortable position.

Tighten screws firmly. (For an extremely narrow tool, you may need to insert the rubber strip between the pole and the inner surface of the Grip to create a tight fit. Insert vertically along the length of the pole to add a little thickness, or wrap around the pole to add maximum thickness. Very few tools are so narrow that they require the rubber insert.)

Place the black vinyl thread caps onto the ends of the screws.
Try using the tool with the Grip in place. To adjust up or down, simply loosen the screws and slide the Grip to the best position and retighten the screws.