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New Twintone Mark 1 Head

PRICE: $1,750.00
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speaker box not included. 'SOLD'

A very powerful compact 50 Watt all-tube amplifier with magnificent overall performance. 1st model, was available as a Combo or Head version, solidly built and extremely easy to use. I only have the 1 head left in stock, extremely good value and a very power full amp.

Two channels: Clean and Post- EQ overdrive.

The Clean Channel has excellent clean sparkly tones with lots of extra punch from the Vintage Jensen speakers, it will deliver a really great blues to clean Jazz sounds.

The Overdrive Channel ranges from a smooth edgy clean with a nice sustain and moderate distortion to an exciting crunch to a high-gain rocker's paradise.

The special dual-Gain control provides an excellent range of distortion tones, more than enough to fulfill any guitarist's needs, this compact 50 watt amplifier can rock and leave its competitors awestruck.The Accutronics classic long-scale reverb is full of depth and is one of the best I’ve heard.

A great original idea is the built-in Power Soak, providing a selection of 0, 25, or 50 watts of output power, this valve amplifier was designed for home studio recording.

Other nice features are the Solo/Rhythm facility, Recording out and Headphones out.

Best amps in the world along with the Diezel amps